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Diamond Director Reveals the Secret "Strategy Playbook" Behind His Seven-Figure Success

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We Know "Making It" as a Network Marketer Can Be Tough...
You're overwhelmed by all the different moving parts and don't have a clear plan of action
You're working hard but the success you achieve doesn't match the huge amount of effort you're putting in
You get results, but they're not consistent, and when success comes, it seems to come entirely by chance
You wanted to build a business that gives you more freedom, but you simply replaced one job for another!
...Luckily, We Have The Solution...

The business-building process a world-recognized Diamond Director has secretly used over the past twenty years to earn a seven-figure network marketing income...This framework has proven itself to work:

  • In multiple different niches
  • In countries across the globe
  • Consistently over several decades — producing results reliably even during economic downturns and seismic shifts in the network marketing industry.

And now you have the opportunity to learn it, apply it in your own business, and reap the rewards…


The Strategy Audio Course For Network Marketers

By the end of this course, you will have world-class knowledge of network marketing strategy

This 'hands-on' course also guides you step-by-step through creating your own strategy playbook, one that will allow you to establish, grow, and sustain a successful network marketing business.

11 Audio Lessons

11 Worksheets

90 Days of Email Access to Cliff Walker (Worth $1000)

Amazon Best-Selling eBook “From Striving to Thriving”(Worth $17.95)

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Now is your chance to go behind closed doors and learn from one of the biggest names

in network marketing, a groundbreaking, proven

(...and easily duplicatable) business-building process

Act with Purpose
Enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly what to do and when to do drive real results.
Make More Money
Keep laser-focused on just those activities that generate what you want...more customers, distributors, and profits
Enjoy Long-Term Success
Build a long-term business that brings consistent returns—so every hour you work today continues to pay dividends in the future
Create Your Business
Build and maintain a business that's personally tailored to your income and lifestyle goals.
100 % Risk-Free 7-day Money Back Guarantee
We're so confident that the Strategy Audio Course will bring more professionalism, more structure, more consistency, and more profits to your business that we're offering a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee for 7 days. That's right, buy the Strategy Audio Course today, start using the audio lessons and worksheets in your business and if you're not completely satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll refund your entire investment.

A Sneak Peek at Cliff Walker’s Business Building Framework

Watch the video below to see a short preview of this network marketing success blueprint

About Cliff Walker
Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Cliff Walker is the world's leading authority on building a global home business and an internationally-recognized network marketing expert.
Among Cliff's achievements are:
  • Becoming top earner at telecommunications company, Euphony, building a sales organization of 100,000 distributors, and earning millions of dollars in commissions
  • Becoming top earner in the UK (and one of the top ten income earners globally) for fuel-saving company, Fuel Freedom International
  • Becoming a top earner at Florida-based anti-ageing company Jeunesse Global and earning millions of dollars in commission every year
  • Generating a consistent seven-figure annual income as a network marketer
Introducing the Strategy Audio Course
The cornerstone of network marketing success, “Strategy” is the first of Cliff's Six Master Tasks."
And in this Strategy Audio Course, Cliff Walker will personally guide you through the exact strategy blueprint he's used to build a seven-figure network marketing income...and maintain that success for years...
You'll Learn:
The 10 vital elements in creating a next-level network marketing business (...miss just one and your odds of success go way down)
The little-known reason why so many talented people fail in business (...and a 'hack' that lets you not only avoid this stumbling block but transform it into a decisive competitive advantage)
How to "see your business" through the eyes of a Diamond Director..and instantly recognize the few key activities you need to focus on to generate life-changing income
How to identify the deeply-ingrained success blocks that have been holding you back (and how to uproot and destroy them for good!)
The simplest way to attract loyal customers, high-quality team members, and key resources—that almost all business owners completely overlook!
How to easily establish the kind of positive relationships that accelerates succes ( what scientists learned about how new business owners and experts build relationships differently)
How to perform a "strategy autopsy", and accurately diagnose the cause of your current business woes
How to build a successful business that aligns with your income goals, your life priorities, and your values

Here's What You'll Learn Inside Each Module...

Audio 1 – Introduction
Get an overview of Cliff's "Integrated Framework for Network Marketing"—the 6 tenets of a successful network marketing business—and discover the comprehensive roadmap to achieve consistent results.
Audio 2 – Core Values
Identify the beliefs and values at the core of your professional and personal life, and learn how to use them to guide your behavior, direct your decision-making, and drive your business forward.
Audio 3 – Purpose
Discover the reasons you’re in business, what you want to achieve in the short- and long-term, and how to craft this into a powerful "purpose statement" that guides the direction of your business strategy.
Audio 4 – Vision
Design a compelling vision of your ideal future that will act as a constant source of personal motivation, then learn how to communicate this vision in a way that attracts customers and team members and inspires them to join the journey.
Audio 5 – Life Priorities
Identify what’s most important to you in your business and professional life, and how to create a network marketing business that aligns with these core values.
Audio 6 – Core Skills
Take an inventory of your core skills, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to rapidly close those knowledge gaps that will limit your success.
Audio 7 – Market
Examine the marketplace you operate in, identify the target audience most suited to your offering, and create a focused marketing strategy that attracts high-quality leads, productive team members, and long-term customers.
Audio 8 – Key Resources
Take an inventory of the tangible and intangible resources that are key to your business's success, learn how to capitalize on the resources you currently have, and create a plan for acquiring any essential resources you're missing.
Audio 9 – Key Relationships
Discover how to evaluate your relationships, strengthen existing relationships, and build an 'inner circle' that can best support the expansion of your company.
Audio 10 – System
Develop an easily-duplicatable system for attracting high-quality customers and team members that's tailored to fit your goals, your market, and your organization...and will allow you to establish significant market share.
Audio 11 – Plan
Create a twelve-month action plan for implementing your strategy and building your thriving network marketing home business.


90 Days Direct Email Access to Cliff

Valued at $1000

As a member of the Strategy Audio Program, you'll also receive a full 90 Days access to Cliff's email inbox.
With this exclusive insider access, you'll be able to tap into Cliff's incredible network marketing experience first-hand, get precise answers to your burning questions, troubleshoot your strategy sticking points, and receive direct support from a world-renowned industry expert.


A Copy of Cliff’s Wall Street Journal Bestseller “From Striving to Thriving”

Valued at $17.95

You’ll receive a digital copy of Cliff's Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller, 'From Striving to Thriving - A New Model for Network Marketing Success'

A practical, no-nonsense guide to network marketing success, this book shares Cliff’s comprehensive business-building framework along with a practical, step-by-step game plan for implementing these ideas in your business right away to increase your bottom line.

Here's a Recap of Everything You'll Receive...

The Strategy Audio Course 11 Audio Lessons

The Strategy Audio Course 11 Worksheets

BONUS - 90 Days of Email Access to Cliff Walker (Worth $1000)

BONUS - “From Striving to Thriving” eBook (Worth $17.95)

...and Lifetime Course Access (including updates)

...All for just $179

Ready to

Become the Next Network Marketing Success Story?

As Cliff Walker says, "Done properly, network marketing works."
Now you can learn how to do it properly...using the exact same business-building process that Cliff has used to generate a consistent seven-figure income. Ready to transform your network marketing future and discover the secrets to building a professional network marketing business that brings long-term, consistent results...and can unlock the lifestyle of your dreams?
What People Are Saying...

Once Again, When You Sign Up Today, You Will Receive...

The Strategy Audio Course 11 Audio Lessons

The Strategy Audio Course 11 Worksheets

BONUS - 90 Days of Email Access to Cliff Walker (Worth $1000)

BONUS - “From Striving to Thriving” eBook (Worth $17.95)

...and Lifetime Course Access (including updates)

...All for just $179

How is the Course Delivered?
After purchasing the Strategy Audio Course, you’ll receive an introductory email that welcomes you to the course and gives you instructions on how to log in to your learning portal and access the content.
And, if you prefer to learn 'on the go', you can also download our mobile app (compatible with both Android and iOS devices) and access all the audio and worksheets from your smartphone or tablet.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Course?
The Strategy Audio Course is designed so that you can follow along at your own pace.
To complete each module, you should expect to set aside around 1-2 hours to listen to the audio file, complete the relevant worksheets, and take action
Is there a Refund Guarantee?
Yes, the Strategy Audio Course comes with a full 7 day money-back guarantee.
If you're not completely satisfied, simply email within 7 days and we'll give you a full refund.
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The Strategy Audio Course 11 Audio Lessons
The Strategy Audio Course 11 Worksheets
BONUS - 90 Days of Email Access to Cliff Walker (Worth $1000)
BONUS - “From Striving to Thriving” eBook (Worth $17.95)
Lifetime Course Access
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